Integrated Video Wall Design
Integrated with your Stage Design, boasting versatility and impressive brightness, these LED walls are well-suited for both indoor and outdoor events, ensuring that your content commands attention and leaves a lasting impact on attendees. Our adept technicians take care of the setup, programming, and overall management of the LED walls, ensuring a seamless execution that elevates your event to new heights. Whether you aim to craft captivating backdrops or captivate the audience with interactive visuals, our LED walls provide a visually stunning experience.
Live Event Video Display
Whether it's a corporate gathering, a concert, or a special occasion, our video wall display service brings an added layer of engagement and immersion for your audience. Let us elevate your event experience by blending cutting-edge recording capabilities with the dynamic impact of a captivating video wall, turning your event into a visual masterpiece that will be remembered long after the curtains close.
Filming & Streaming
We offer multi-camera setups to skillfully capture every pivotal moment of your event. Our commitment is to record each detail with precision and creativity, preserving the true essence of your occasion.

Complementing this, our live streaming services extend the reach of your event far beyond the confines of the physical venue. Through real-time streaming on diverse online platforms, we facilitate remote viewers to actively participate and engage in the event's activities, bringing an inclusive experience to a broader audience.
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