Blackhawks Victory Rally

Andrew Shaw carrying the Stanley CupTo commemorate the outstanding performance of the Stanley Cup Champion Chicago Blackhawks, the City of Chicago hosted victory rallies in 2013 and 2015. When Technotrix was approached to provide production both years, we were honored and humbled to be part of this memorable day for the fans.


Rally in Grant Park

In 2013, with only a two days notice on the location of the event, Technotrix was challenged with designing a system to cover over two million fans spread out over a 725,000 square foot area. To accomplish this difficult task we designed a multi-zone delay system to provide intelligible speech coverage to the crowd.


Additionally, we provided the exceptionally large group of media gathered with a discreet press feed. This feed was broadcast around the world and used in the movie documenting the success of the 2013 Blackhawks.



Before the rally began at Soldier Field

In 2015, again with only a few days notice, Technotrix started setting up for the big event, this time in Soldier Field.Setting up for the rally at Soldier Field




We deployed our Martin Audio MLA System as the main PA. Delay towers consisting of Martin Audio W8LC were used around the field area for reinforcement in addition to the stadium PA system, and a number of XD12s were set up backstage for team and management to hear the proceedings.

Technotrix And Martin Audio Team Up For Stanley Cup Celebration

MLA, crowd and confetti