Staging & Rigging

The Technotrix Staging Department aims to create stages and structures to fit your event’s needs. We offer fully engineered truss roof systems that can be assembled safely and efficiently. Utilizing Wenger Vision staging, which is both simple and strong, we can create any design from 18” to 8’ tall and any horizontal footprint in 4’ increments. Our experienced riggers are comfortable working in arena and theater rigging systems, and many other types of venues. We often design creative solutions to challenging rigging problems. We are committed to safe rigging practices and ensure that all rigging equipment is inspected and maintained regularly. Contact us today to get a quote on your roof, staging or rigging needs!

  • Stageline
  • Wenger Vision
  • Columbus-McKinnon
  • Suspension Solution
  • Extreme Structures & Fabrication
  • Motion Laboratories
  • Liftall
  • Sumner
  • Genie