Passion Pit

Passion Pit performanceTechnotrix was contracted to provide audio support for indie rock band Passion Pit at their Chicago tour date. The event took place at the UIC Pavilion, a 10,000 seat concert venue located on the campus of University of Illinois at Chicago. With stringent system requirements from the band’s engineers, the Technotrix staff sought to both design the best systems for the tour while staying within the budget of the promoter.

We deployed a 84 box Martin Audio system consisting of W8LC, WSX and W8LM. Due to our previous knowledge of the venue, we chLoad-inose to incorporate “off fill” into our system design. This allowed the promoter to open up additional seating sections that would have not previously been usable. To speed up the assembly process on site, we meticulously sorted cable and associated rigging at our warehouse previous to arriving. This investment in pre-production allowed us to efficiently deploy the system and handily beat the deadline for PA readiness.

Technotrix was able to achieve an outcome that satisfied all the differing requirements.  We received positive reviews from the touring engineers, the promoter and most importantly, the fans.